Road education, part of the National Road Safety Strategy

On the occasion of World Day of Remembrance for road traffic victims, commemorated worldwide this year on November 15th (third Sunday of November each year), the Centre of Consultancy for Road Victims – CCVR Romania has the pleasure to invite you to a debate regarding “The road education, part of the National Road Safety Strategy, which shall be held on November 12th, 2015, starting with 10:00 hrs at the House of Parliament, Constantin Brancusi Hall.

The event aims to evaluate the efforts of state, of institutions and organisations acting in this field, for the prevention and reduction of road crashes’ consequences, in accordance with the European strategy and with the objective appropriated also by our country, that is the reduction by 50% of road traffic victims’ number during the 2011 – 2020 Decade of Action for Road Safety. Currently, Romania holds an unwanted second place in Europe regarding the number of deaths in road crashes, compared to the number of inhabitants.

To this reunion there are invited representatives of central and local authorities, of institutions acting in this domain, civil society, business environment, academic and university environment, as well as specialists, mass-media, and other persons involved in the assurance of road infrastructure and traffic conditions, as well as in the reduction of dimensions of road tragedies and their consequences.

Also, your message is important for this event, especially in order to identify the solutions in perspective for the fulfilment of strategic objectives. Thus, we kindly ask you to confirm attendance and also to transmit the message or the content of your intervention until November 5th, 2015 using the following coordinates:

Contact person: Mr. Ion MIHAIL


Telephone: 0722.63.98.36

Poster WDOR 2015 Eng

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