Third 3UN Road Safety week

The Centre of Consultancy for Road Victims – CCVR Romania has marked the third 3UN Road Safety week (May 4 – May 10, 2015) by carrying out a pilot program: Road education – education for life!

Together with the School Inspectorate of District 5 Bucharest and the International Federation of Educational Communities – FICE Romania, the initiator has organized a tour of kindergartens, presenting to both children and teachers a different road safety lesson, through the puppet show.

Favourite characters have shared with the kids the experience from their happenings, have asked them questions and have given answers to their queries and they have taught them how to behave correctly in traffic or how they must behave on the street in various situations.

The project has been concluded through an event for the dissemination of the lessons learnt within the program initiated by CCVR Romania. On this occasion, the teachers from kindergartens have highlighted the significance of road safety education, they have shown ingenuity and some of them have even wished to further develop the project through other similar activities.

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